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Community Hearing Care Is Our Mission

Hearing Partnership™ LLC is a completely new kind of community hearing care practice.   We offer services through two distinct programs: Hearing Partnership Community Services and Beauport Hearing Care™, which is our full service hearing instrument practice.

We launched our practice to model our public health vision in an independent hearing care practice.  Our pilot practice is Beauport Hearing Care™ in Magnolia, Massachusetts.   But Hearing Partnership™ also offers programs and services to community organizations and health providers.

Community Hearing Education

Our educational programs provide valuable information to the general public and health care professionals.  Learn facts everyone should know about the importance of hearing to your health - and how hearing care treatment improves your health.  These free Hears to Life!™ services benefit patients beyond our own practice.

The approach we highlight is gaining attention in the hearing health care world.  Our project was named as an innovation to watch in the May 2015 issue of The Hearing Journal, “Community Health Workers Bridge Gap to Hearing Loss Treatment”.


We offer tailored packages of programs and services to community organizations and health providers.  Areas of focus depend on need and interest:

  • Various presentation titles for Individuals and Couples—a fun interactive introduction to hearing health, brain wellness and hearing care treatment
  • Hearing health screenings for groups and organizations
  • Training for health professionals to help clients access high quality hearing care.  (This is our training program for CHW-level support in any medical or non-medical health setting).
  • Other coaching services and resources available on request
  • View this video to see an example of our community hearing care work:  Orphan Hearing Aid Drive collects unused hearing aids for people that cannot afford them during Better Hearing Month

Collaboration and Consulting

Hearing Partnership™ collaborates and consults with public health agencies and community organizations to promote the benefits of ‘community health worker’ applications in hearing and brain wellness care.  Our services benefit patients and their providers beyond Beauport Hearing Care™.

There's More to Hearing Treatment Than Hearing Aids

A 25-year study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in December 2015 found significant brain health benefits from timely treatment of hearing loss.1 They emphasized the importance of aural rehabilitation and related services for patients to gain optimal benefit from hearing aids.  The study found that patients with hearing loss that wore hearing aids scored similarly on tests of cognitive functioning as people with normal hearing.  This was especially important because previous research found people with hearing loss are 5-times more likely to develop dementia.2    Protecting and conserving hearing is crucial to maintain good brain health and sharpness of mind.

Our coaching and services help patients access the full range of treatment that meets their individual hearing needs. We use tools created to measure quality of patient outcomes. But the most important measures of our success are the patients we have helped. See what patients say about us on the sidebar.

We are hearing care professionals and we are patients living well with our own hearing loss.  We know first-hand what it takes to be successful.  This life experience forms the basis of our coaching and services.  We love what we do!

Meet our Hears to Life!™ Coaches