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"When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem.”  -Mark Ross, Ph.D.

If you or someone you love has hearing concerns...

You are not alone.  There are at least 48 million Americans of all ages with hearing loss!1 And hearing loss is no longer associated with aging.  A study published by the American Medical Association in 2010 found that one in five teenagers has permanent noise induced hearing loss.  Often sufferers try to ignore the issue, and it can be much more than frustrating for both patient and family. Since hearing loss is usually acquired very slowly over a long time, millions of people are unaware of their own hearing loss.  And this is not good for their health!

Our hearing and our health are connected in many ways.  Research has found that hearing is a critical factor in brain health and memory.   Scans show that people with hearing loss experience more rapid shrinkage of brain tissue as they age than people with 'normal' hearing.   Hearing loss is also associated with three times more frequent injuries from falling, and such injuries are sometimes fatal.  One study recently found that wearing hearing aids improves balance.  See the Research and Advocacy section of our website for a lot more information and links to the science.  The news is not all bad.

Researchers believe treating hearing loss helps:

  • maintain good brain health,
  • improve memory,
  • improve balance - reducing risk of injury from falls,
  • prevent early onset dementia,
  • promote higher levels of cognitive and social functioning, and
  • improve career opportunities and earn higher wages.

There are solutions available, including coaching, hearing aids, and other assistive devices.

“An untreated hearing loss is more noticeable than hearing aids.”  -Dr. Sergei Kochkin

Hearing Partnership Patient Benefits

We start by recognizing that "hearing" is a social experience.  Successful treatment involves a holistic approach with the help of 'professional patient' peers.  Our patient peers identify with our patients from personal experience with hearing loss.   Our 'professional patient' peers assist and guide each of our patients towards their goal: to understand what they hear. Hearing aids are often necessary, but they’re not perfect for every situation.  Once you have a hearing aid, you will likely still need a period of adjustment while you retrain the hearing centers of your brain. You’ll also need to learn strategies to adjust to changes and manage any residual hearing loss. That’s where our unique approach comes in.  Our Hears to Life! Coaching™ is your bridge between a hearing aid and real hearing improvement.

Our coaching and services help our patients:

  • A hearing coach will assist and guide you
  • Understand what hearing loss means and what to do about it
  • Learn about services and providers available to meet particular hearing needs
  • Find a hearing health care professional that provides Hearing Partnership's high standard of care and technology
  • Learn enjoyable ways to practice healthy hearing habits with family, friends and co-workers
  • Develop a plan to improve and safeguard hearing over the long-term
  • Join a growing number of hearing health patients that are showing the world how life is good regardless of hearing challenges
  • Even persons with so-called 'normal hearing' can practice how to manage better in noisy listening situations

We make it fun.  We offer low-stress, focused coaching sessions and coordinated services that we’ve designed. Our approach is based on our own personal patient experiences, professional expertise, and the latest research.  Our clinical experience with hundreds of patients and our creativity make it enjoyable. Hears to Life! Coaching™ makes our approach available to many patients and hearing health professionals that choose to participate in our program.

What our patients say

“You saved my life – you turned it around! Knowing how to use my hearing aids with the strategies you taught me has changed my life.  Thank you.” - David R

“I have worn hearing aids for 10 years and have been happy with them. But I learned more on how to hear better in one Hears to Life! Coaching™ session with you than I have in the 10 years I have worn hearing aids.” - Delores G

“It was like Miracle on 34th Street - you put my hearing ahead of selling me a hearing aid.” - William D

Getting Started

Attend a FREE Hears to Life! Coaching™ Introductory Seminar to see what your options are.  We’ll discuss how hearing loss affects patients, their family, work and home environment, how you can get help, how to obtain appropriate hearing aids, and whether  Hears to Life! Coaching™ can help you. We'll also tell you important facts you should know before you see a hearing health care provider for clinical evaluation and treatment.

Want to know more about Hears to Life! Coaching™?

For more information, call us at (978) 525-2300.  You may also email us at [email protected].