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Hears to Life!™ Coaching

Our signature Hears to Life!™ Coaching takes away the mystery and confusion of hearing health care and what to do about it - - including when considering the value and cost of hearing aids.   We help patients find ALL the services and resources they are eligible for.  We show how!

Patients at our Beauport Hearing Care™ pilot practice are routinely offered opportunity to participate in our Hears to Life! Coaching™ program.  Hears to Life! Coaching™ is also available to other patients - contact us for more information.

We begin by treating hearing as a social experience.  That means we listen to our patients!  Hearing aids are only part of the solution.  Loud background noise is a big problem for everyone - including for people with so-called 'normal' hearing.   Hears to Life! Coaching™ aims to help everyone hear better even if they do not need hearing aids.

“I have worn hearing aids for 10 years and have been happy with them. But I learned more on how to hear better in one Hears to Life! Coaching™ session with you than I have in the 10 years I have worn hearing aids.” - Delores G

The hearing health care system is changing very rapidly and many hearing aids are available at a wide range of prices.  Hears to Life! Coaching™ helps patients sort it all out.  We share the latest research about hearing and health.  Hearing is more important to our overall health than we ever understood before.   Coaching helps put this knowledge into action.  Our coaching goal is to ensure every patient is able to understand what they hear.  Our referrals to qualified hearing care providers ensure our patients receive the highest quality care and patient-centered service.

“You saved my life - you turned it around!  Knowing how to use my hearing aids with the strategies you taught me has changed my life. Thank you.”  - David R

Hears to Life! Coaching™ is for everyone regardless of how well they hear. We guide willing patients towards their goals. Simple practice of the techniques we personally use promotes improved hearing and communication.  We make it fun.  Some may use hearing aids when this is helpful.

“It was like Miracle on 34th Street - you put my hearing ahead of selling me a hearing aid.”- William D

Time may change how we hear.  Speech and sounds may be different from before.  But change also creates new possibilities to explore.  Discovering new hearing and communication skills is sometimes more art than science, made possible by the power of positive thinking and eagerness to try something different.

“Listen….the best aphrodisiac in the world is effective communication. When you can listen to another person and respond to that person as a unique individual, you affirm their existence. When you affirm your significant other’s existence this facilitates intimacy. You might say then that modern hearing aids are Viagra for the ears!”   -Dr. Sergei Kochkin

How to Participate

Anyone may attend one of our free, no-obligation Hears to Life! Coaching™ Introductory Seminars in the North Shore of Boston area. It’s free and there's no obligation. If a seminar is not being offered in your area, talk to your community health center, primary care doctor, senior center, or other local organization to inquire about scheduling one of our free seminars. All are welcome!